CEREC® Technology

Same Day Crowns, Bridges, Veneers

With the CEREC system, getting a dental restoration takes only one visit instead of the traditional three. After creating a scan of your mouth using advanced 3-D imaging, the CEREC system creates a matched custom crown, bridge or veneer out of natural materials that can be installed immediately. Crowns in one visit means restoring your smile without taking extra time off from work or school.
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Your Guide to Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

woman understanding dental insuranceMost people get their dental insurance through their employer, who will choose it depending on what they expect the dental needs of their employees are. However, if you are self-employed, not working, or your employer doesn’t offer dental insurance, you can sign up for dental insurance as an individual. Whether you’re buying dental insurance for yourself or you’re the person at a company who’s in charge of this task, it’s important to understand some basics about how dental insurance works so you can choose the best plan. Read more

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